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38 Customer Reviews

by Curtis Gilbert

Sep 14, 2022

Charged me, didn’t activate the service, no refund!

They charged my on my phone and didn’t activate the subscription. A refund was rejected. Support didn’t help. And I had to buy the whole thing again on my desktop. (They charged my twice and didn’t refund the first time) this is literally fraud!

by Ramon476

Sep 13, 2022

Local Business Schema added automatically

Squarespace automatically adds a local business schema which they should NOT. It affects the client's business negatively. It cannot be removed except by their engineers. It has been a problem for years and till now it has not been resolved.

by Nguyen552

Sep 12, 2022

Wont even take payment

I have a a site with them and a card registered to that site. Trying to set up another and cannot take payment. Payment will not process, been trying for an hour. Ridiculous.

by Jeremiah294

Sep 07, 2022

Massively overpriced.

Jeez, they ask for 16$ per month to be able to have a website generated during free trial remain editable and online. I immediately cancelled my trial and deleted my account after reading this. Additionally they overcharge for domains 20$ vs 7$ after a simple google search. Highly recommend using alternatives, e.g. Google's free website generator (which has beautiful clean templates as well).

by Marion120

Sep 05, 2022

Worst customer support

Worst customer support you can come across. Basically, non existent. I have been waiting for an hour on their chat to get to talk to an agent to help me cancel my domain, Laurel W. said she can't help but she will transfer me to a colleague who can...and nothing. After waiting for an hour, I solved nothing. Absolutely pathetic company not willing to help with anything

by Nellie182

Aug 27, 2022

If you are a photographer who wants to show galleries of images, avoid!

The website builder is awful, you cannot make drafts of portfolio pages. The gallery management tool is shockingly bad, you cannot rearrange photos in galleries of images, you may think you have, but Squarespace just reorders the images how it wants.

Then it also just crashes all the time in chrome and safari.

Avoid, I wish I hadn't just spent over £100 on a year of this service.

by Garrett244

Aug 26, 2022

OK Platform for editing your website BUT

OK Platform for editing your website BUT will need support frequently, support is not helpful at all, takes 2-3 days then it's just a link to general knowledge base, CHAT takes over an hour of wait then they can not get rid of you quick enough. NOT recommended at all. Trying to find alternatives.

by Sanchez662

Aug 26, 2022

Very poor and bad customer service

Very poor and bad customer service

Not worth the money at ALL

by Gwendolyn

Aug 22, 2022

Their service department is a scam.

Reached out regarding pricing discrepancies, was asked to give my full payment information despite there being only one card on file. I told them I could provide a screenshot of the charge from my bank statement if they wanted. They just assumed I would send it anyway, without them saying that they need it.

They then sent me a link from a screen sharing app (which is actually a thing scamers do). I refused to open it and told them I was getting very freaked out by the amount of private information they wanted and the weird links they were sending.

I let them know I was very turned off by their service and unwillingness to honor discounted pricing. They did nothing to try to keep my business even though I have been with them for almost 2 years. Even going so far as to tell me how to transfer my site to another host.

by Bernice W.

Aug 22, 2022

not good for building websites

you have to edit in realtime. per their chat agent there is not way to create draft edits of your website... so be ready to go live with your edits when you log in. it's surprising that this SUPER BASIC functionality is not possible on Squarespace. Won't use them with my next business.

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